March 31, 2014

Template 49 - 55

Here are 7 New tag templates for you all to use and play with!!
There will be lots more coming soon!
Hope you all enjoy using them!

Template 49
 photo TTz14-Temp49preview_zpsdf682450.png

Template 50
 photo TTz14-Temp50preview_zps17c57e8a.png

Template 51
 photo TTz14-Temp51preview_zpsa77c23a4.png

Template 52
 photo TTz14-Temp52preview_zps688fb174.png

Template 53
 photo TTz14-Temp53preview_zpsddf5493c.png

Template 54
 photo TTz14-Temp54preview_zps5471c84f.png

Template 55
 photo TTz14-Temp55preview_zps442443ba.png

March 26, 2014

New Temps coming soon!!

Hello Everyone!!
I am finally back!! I've been having some real life issues which had me to be offline for a time being. My husband had lost his job so we had to make sacrifices on disconnecting our internet and satellite until he was able to get another job.
So, while I had been offline, I kept myself busy with making new tag templates, this is so many that I have lost count. I will be posting them up here on my blog soon. Also, keep an eye out on announcements in Facebook groups on templates being posted!
Hope everyone has a great day!
P.S. I am aware my background is dark and I am currently getting help with fixing it. Hopefully with the fix my blog will look as expected. :)