December 18, 2011


Wow!! Just noticed that there had been alot of downloads of my templates but hardly any comments, emails and/or Thank Yous for the templates. I am curious if all these downloads are due to someone using my templates for a Sig Tut or Challenges. If so, can you PLEASE email me and let me know. I would like to be able to see tags ... I'd even snag up yours... post it in here along with my temps and direct ppl to the tuts ... I would like to be able to make more templates if anyone can give me ideas of what I can make or do ...
It's not hard to post a Thank You or email me ...


  1. Hi hun! I, personally downloaded everything when I stumbled upon your site a week or so ago and thought I did say my "thank you's", if I did not I am so sorry *blushes* ! I will be using your Winter/Christmas/New Years templates for my Template Challenge in my group, Wicked Angelz, this week *winks*! Thank you so very much again and Merry Christmas *hugs*! ♥ Me aka SUNSPOTPP aka Patty (lol)

  2. Thanks Patty for letting me know. If possible can ya send me some of the best tags and also link to your group so I can post it with the templates .. Thanks

  3. I sure will hun *yay*! I'll email them to you, probably after Christmas though, if that's ok *winks*!

  4. Hi there :)

    I did send you a message on FB, I couldn't find anywhere to leave a thank you for you. Thank you!!

  5. Thank You for the template!!!
    I made for my first CT Project'
    Kit by 2IrishBitches Designs -Auld Lang Syne
    Template By Twyzted PlayRoom
    Let me know where to send the tag/tags I made for you!

  6. Raine... Thanks for sending me the email.. You can always post your "Thanks" in the comment boxes.

    Skunkie... I got your mail. Thanks! Will be displaying your tag in here shortly.